Five Types of Alternative Housing That are Inexpensive

Buying or building a home is everyone’s dream. And the lavish and modern homes that we see across the streets or in the neighborhood are to die for. However, if we are to be realistic, a perfect home is not the most expensive or that which is built using modern materials. This is because there are affordable alternative housing ideas and if you become creative and think outside the box; you will have your perfect home that will be not only outstanding but also comfortable. Here are some of alternative housing ideas that you can choose from.

Alternative inexpensive housing

Shipping Container Houses

Shipping container that are usually used to ship cargo are now being rapidly being reused. People have now taken to using these containers to create alternative housing. The cost of buying a container and turning it into a home is significantly lower than that of buying a house. This is what has caused shipping container houses popular among people who are looking for alternative housing.

Shipping container houses do not have to be a small rectangular houses; you can use your creativity and imagination to create a beautiful modern looking house out of shipping containers.

To make a home out of a shipping container, it has to be thoroughly cleaned and then insulated to protect from the weather. These houses have also been used to provide emergency housing during natural disasters.

Shipping Container House

Pallet Houses

Pallet houses are a perfect  alternative housing choice especially if you have your own piece of land. You can make your pallet home either as a permanent residence or as a temporary home before you can build another house. Pallet houses as the name suggests are made of wood gotten from pallets. These house are quite cheap to construct.

If you are looking to make a pallet house as a permanent residence, ensure that the foundation of the house is well laid and that the supporting beams are strong and sturdy.

You can even paint your house when you finish building it to make it look neat and presentable for the long term. Pallet houses like other kinds of houses can be as simple or as fancy as you want them to be. It all depends on your plan.

Pallet Houses

RV Homes

RV homes are perfect for people who are adventurous and love to visit new places. If you are such a free spirit, an RV is the best alternative housing choice for you because you can always gas up your RV and take you home with you wherever you want to go.

If you are looking for a new home on a budget, an RV could work for you as well. You can buy an old, used RV and fix it up over time. That way you can have a roof over your head in the short term, and you can turn it into a home that you will be proud to show off.

An RV isn’t just for free-spirited people, you can get yourself an old RV, renovate it and use it as your home cabin or even as an extension of your home, for guests. If you are getting an RV and you intend to move to a new city, you can look out for trailer parks where you can rent space to park your RV for the duration of your stay there.

RV Homes

Silo Houses

Silo houses are splendid alternative housing ideas for people living in the countryside. These houses are literally old silos that have been turned into houses that people can live in. Since silos are built to be long lasting and to withstand adverse weather conditions, you can be sure that your home will be quite sturdy and strong.

When building your silo home, you have to put in the windows and ventilation. You can customize your silo home to look the way you want. You need to plan for your floor space properly as there may not be a lot of it.

Adding a front porch will add to the charm of your silo home.

Silo House

An Earth Berm Home

This alternative housing idea is not really new. But it has not been embraced and talked about as much as other alternative housing ideas. Earth Berm houses are usually built into the ground such that it is only the entrance of the house that is visible from the outside.

Unlike the other alternative housing ideas that we have mentioned earlier, Earth berm houses are not so easy to construct. They require you to figure out how you will build a permanent home into the ground and have it as a sturdy, safe place to live.

Once the house is complete though, it offers you a sense of privacy and security that no other kind of house can really offer. This is because no one can know the true size of your home; all they can see is the exposed front area. With this kind of house, you have so many possibilities.

It is also easy to regulate the temperature of your house since it is underground.

Earth Berm House

With the increasing cost of buying and building a home, it is hard to have your dream house. We can also not ignore the amount of time wasted in planning and saving for down payment or to qualify for a mortgage. However, you can avoid all this hustle by opting for an alternative housing solution. Which are not only affordable but also unique and comfortable. You don’t have to sell a kidney to own one!

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