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Best Circular Saws

Circular saws are easily one of the essential tools a DIYers or professional contractors need for any project that requires cutting of wood. Circular saws are powerful tools that have revolutionized modern carpentry and have gained a lot of popularity over the years. When it comes to making cuts on fixed materials or job site, there is nothing better than the best circular saw.

There’re many different types of circular saws available on the market, knowing the kind of saw you need is the first step to finding the best one for the job. You’d think getting a tool that is meant to cut through wood would be easy to buy. But it can get somewhat complicated with the multitude of available options.

If you need a bit of assistance in finding the right circular saw that is suitable for your needs, we’ve got you covered. Our buying guide will help you narrow down the list to a few of the best models. However, if you’re only interested in the best circular saw, we have also taken care of it for you. Here are the 10 Best Circular Saws on the market.

Comparison Chart for the Best Circular Saws

Product name Power Source Blade size Motor RPM
DEWALT DWE575SB Circular Saw Electric-powered 7-1/4-inch 15 AMP 5200
SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Electric-powered 7-1/4-Inch 15 AMP 5300
Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw Electric-powered 7-1/4-Inch 5.8 AMP 3500
BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B Circular Saw Battery-powered 5-1/2-inch 14 AMP 3700
Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Circular Saw Electric-powered 6-1/2-Inch 12 AMP 5200
Bosch CS5 Circular Saw Electric-powered 7-1/4-Inch 15 AMP 6200
Milwaukee 6390 Circular Saw Electric-powered 7-1/4-Inch 15 AMP 5800
Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Circular Saw Electric-powered 3-3/8-inch 4 AMP 3500
DEWALT DCS575B FLEXVOLT Circular Saw Battery-powered 7-1/4-inch 15 AMP 5800
Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Circular Saw Electric-powered 7-1/4-inch 15 AMP 5800


Our Picks—Top 10 Best Circular Saws in 2018


DEWALT DWE575SB Circular Saw

DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Circular SawThe DEWALT DWE575SB is a powerful saw that makes smooth, straight cuts with excellent control. With the sturdy quality build, this corded circular saw offers an excellent all-around usage. This corded saw features a high-grade aluminum shoe which provides durability, ball bearing lower guard as well as an electric brake for safety.

The DEWALT DWE575SB saw features a dust blower that keeps the cutline visible. At an exceptional cutting depth of 67mm, you can cut through thicker pieces of metal or wood with ease. The cord saw features a patented Tough Protection System; this ensures that it’s three times less likely to pull out when compared with other corded saws.

The stopping power from the electric brake feature is impressive. The saw has three different bevel points, and this allows you to work with about 57 degrees of bevel angle. For comfort and balance, the circular saw features a trigger actuation and ergonomic handles. The saw is ideal for general contractors, concrete formers, framers, and remodelers.

  • Optimum performance
  • Powerful
  • On-board blade wrench storage
  • Patented tough cord protection system

  • The electric brake does not always engage
  • Dust blower is very loud

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw

SKIL 5280-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

If you want to save some money but still need to get a powerful circular saw, then the SKIL 5280-01 is the best in its class. The SKIL 5280 Circular Saw boasts of a 15-Amp motor which has the performance and power you need to cut sheets, deck, lumber and more. Despite the low price, this saw is ideal for professionals and heavy-duty projects. And it is one of the lightest and most comfortable to use.

The saw has a single beam laser that straight cut as well as a dust blower which keeps the line of cut free of dust for an accurate cut. The guarded trigger reduces accidental start-up, and the spindle lock button provides safety. With the cutting depth of 2-3/8 inches and 51Degree angle has a positive stop 45Degree; this means you get several varieties of angle and miter cuts.

Operators can quickly change the blade of the saw with the spindle lock and wrench. The saw also comes with a 24-tooth carbide blade. The saw features a light indicator which notifies you when it is on, and you can use it with both arbor and standard size blades.

  • Lightweight
  • A single beam laser
  • Spindle lock mechanism
  • Excellent dust removal

  • Relatively short cord
  • No electric brake

Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw

If you are looking for a saw with a compact, lightweight, streamlined design, and highly functional, the Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw could be a perfect fit. It is one of the most versatile compact circular saws available on the market today. The compact design makes the saw more comfortable to hold and maneuver while on the job.

With a 5.8 Amp Motor and 3500 RPM which uses Triple‐Gear Reduction for Maximum Torque, this saw packs a powerful punch which is half the weight of standard circular saws. It also features a built-in vacuum adapter which keeps the cutting area free of dust. The debris collection system works perfectly well with a variety of standard vacuums.

With ease, it cut through 2x material with the Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped Blade. The 4-1/2 inches blades save you the trouble of keeps bigger cutting blade around for those smaller jobs. The Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw is compatible with many cutting-blades. To use another one, all you have to do is remove the current one and insert the other.

  • High performance
  • Versatile
  • Sleek design
  • Compact and lightweight

  • No electric brake
  • No laser guide


Expect nothing but quality from the BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20B Circular saw. This model is a cordless battery-powered circular saw that you could also use as a trim saw. Left-handed operators will love this unit due to the location of the blade which is on the left-hand side. At 5.5 inches, the saw is quite compact, and it features a thin but high-quality blade.

With the high torque motor capacity, the blade allows you to make several types of cuts. You can adjust the cutting blade through the easy enough to operate basic level. The saw boasts of tool-free cutting depth; this makes it easier for you to change the cutting depth. With the compact design, you can easily maneuver this saw.

Another unique feature of this circular saw is it shares the battery packs with other models under BLACK+DECKER. So you don’t necessarily have to buy a new battery if you already have one that is lying around from other tools. The bevel adjustment of the saw comes with detents at 45 and 90 degrees.

  • Battery compatible with others from Black+Decker saws
  • Left side blade
  • Adjustable depth of cut

  • Drains battery fast
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects

Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Circular Saw

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Circular Saw with Guide Rail

If you need a circular saw with the maximum degree of precision, then you must consider a rail-guided circular saw. The Makita SP6000J1 Circular Saw is the perfect option if you’re having trouble with precision cutting. Combining the impressive cutting ability and powerful motor of 12 AMP, it integrates magnesium elements for weight optimization while also ensuring electronic speed control.

The Makita SP6000J1 is an ideal tool for the workshop, and on the job site and it is a compact alternative to a table saw for selected applications. With the bevel capacity of 48 degrees with positive stop at 45 degrees, the Makita SP6000J1 saw can produce splinter-free cuts. The saw has an 11/16-inch cutting feature which allows you to perform close to wall cuts.

The built-in depth stop makes the circular saw the perfect tool for precise, smooth, and mirror finish cutting. To optimize performance, the variable speeds of 2500 to 5200 RPM allow you to set the pace. Also, the integrated torque limiter of the saw prevents motor burnout while the electric brake will enable you to increase productivity.

  • Guide rail
  • Variable speed control
  • Electric brake
  • Precision

  • Cutting thin wood can be challenging for beginners

Bosch CS5 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

The Bosch CS5 Circular Saw is a reliable tool for both professionals and DIYers looking for a sturdily built saw. With the sleek design, power, and quality, this saw standout out among those in its category. The saw has a 15-amp motor spins which get to the speed of about 6200 RPM; this makes it the fastest unit on our list.

The blade sits on the left-hand side of the saw so that you can have a clear view while you cut. The circular saw has an anti-snag lower guard which ensures you continue to work without the need to retract the guard. It also clears sawdust from the cut line so you can have a more accurate cut while the spindle lock features make it easier to change blades.

At 45-degree angle, the saw can cut a maximum depth of 1 7/8 inches while it can also go the distance of 2 7/16 inches at 90-degree angle. It allows you to make bevel cuts at about 56 degrees. You can consider the Bosch CS5 for its sheer power, and it works perfectly well on 2x lumber and 3/4-inch OSB.

  • Maximum visibility while cutting
  • Smooth and precise cutting
  • High-quality design
  • Fast spinning blade

  • Dust shaft directs sawdust onto you

Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw

The Milwaukee 6390-21 Circular Saw is an easy to handle model that comes with unique features that makes one of the highest performing options on the market. The circular saw has a sturdy built which makes it durable for both DIYers and professionals. It has a motor that moves at the speed of up to 5800 RPM while the 3.25 HP translates to easy and smooth cuts through various materials.

This compact circular saw uses 7¼ inches blade which is easy to handle and maneuver. As most sidewinders saw, this model features a cutting blade that is on the right-hand side of the tool handle. The saw also boasts of ergonomic and patented adjustable handle design called Tilt-Lok, this allows the user to adjust the grip quickly.

The spindle lock has a one lock button on the circular saw makes changing blades a breeze. The degree bevel capacity, and easy-access depth makes it easy for you to get accurate cut. Milwaukee 6390 Circular Saw comes with an impressive five-year warranty which protects the unit against manufacturer defects.

  • Great design
  • Impressive easy-to-use handle
  • 5-year warranty
  • Smooth operation

  • No positive bevel stops


Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Circular Saw

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw

The Rockwell RK3440K is an easy-to-use, and lightweight circular saw which is perfect for DIYers. It is a suitable saw for users that are just starting out and only plan to use it for personal use. The lightweight feature makes it easy to maneuver for more complex tasks. The laser guide feature is well placed and can be of great help whenever you’re going for a more extended cut.

The circular saw boasts of three different blades that are easy to switch depending on the material you’re trying to cut. As long as you use the right cutting blade, the saw is capable of cutting through pretty much any material including sheet metal, tile, plastic, wood, and more. The handle has an ergonomic design which enhances the control and grip.

The pivoting metal guard allows you to have comfortable and safe plunge cuts while the dust extraction adapter helps keep the cut line free of debris for improved visibility. You don’t need to set up the VersaCut; you can start using it straight out of the box. The Versa Cut has an incredibly slim design which gives more control, and the balanced design improves operator comfort while decreasing fatigue.

  • Ultra-compact
  • 3-blade kit
  • Extremely versatile
  • Laser guide

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects
  • Not great for bevel cutting


DEWALT DCS575B FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Bare Tool Brushless Circular Saw

The DEWALT DCS575B circular saw features a brushless motor which can run up to 5900 RPM. One of the unique features that make this saw stand out is the freedom of cordless. This circular saw will repeatedly give you high-quality cuts when you combine it with a high-speed steel blade. The saw can cut through 2 inches lumber or thicker in one pass with its 7 1/4 inch blade.

Operators can adjust the tilt of the blade to up 57 degrees for beveled and angled cuts. The saw is also a good fit for other Dewalt power tools. The circular saw features Flexvolt, the world first battery which changes voltage automatically when you switch devices. With the innovative energy changing battery, and outstanding 120 Max and 60V Max tools to match, it has the power that will change the way you work.

For tougher and longer project, you can also use the saw with an extension cord. If you are worried about safety, The DEWALT DCS575B circular saw got you covered. It boasts of an electric brake and once the safety trigger is depressed, it will completely stop the blade in less than two seconds.

  • Optimum performance
  • Sturdy construction
  • FLEXVOLT battery
  • Brushless motor

  • Battery sold separately


Makita 5007MGA Magnesium Circular Saw

Makita 5007MGA Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake

The Makita 5007MGA Circular Saw is well-balanced, lightweight, and easy to control and maneuver. The saw makes excellent clean cuts at nearly any angle you need. The rubber grip handle makes the saw more comfortable to hold, and the tasks of cutting wood are a bit easier. The saw uses a standard 7-1/4-inch blade and a 5/8-inch arbor blade; this means you can quickly pick up or order replacements.

With the spindle lock, you can use hey key to remove the blade with the press of a button. Changing the cutting blade is also more accessible with the blade wrench that comes with the saw, and since it is attached to the saw, you don’t have to search anytime you need it. The dust chute removes debris from your work area so that you can get a clean cut without obscuring your view.

The circular saw features a rip fence that you can attach to the shoe to make quick and consistent cuts. With the 8-1/2-foot cord, you have enough room to make cuts if you don’t already have an extension cord. It has two LED lights which help to illuminate your cut line while allowing you to make an accurate cut. This model comes with a hard carrying case you can use to transport and also protect it.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Well-balanced
  • Compatible with arbor and standard blades

  • No laser guide


Buyer’s Guide for Picking the Best Circular Saws


There are several things you should consider before you choose the right circular saw for your needs. To ensure you spend your money wisely, we have decided to present you with a buyer’s guide that shows what you need to know to pick the right circular saw for you.


Types of circular saws

There are three main types of circular saws that are used by professional and DIYers, and they include:

Worm Drive

This type of circular saw has its blade in line with the motor. This saw produces enough torque to cut through wet lumber or concrete. Also, the handle is far back, and this allows you to resist kickback more efficiently while you saw for an extended period. Worm drive saws are narrower, longer, and more substantial than sidewinder circular saws.


These are the most used circular saws. The motor is placed on the side of the saw thus making it compact. The position of the motor means the saws are lighter and more comfortable to maneuver than another type of circular saw.


Hypoid circular saw has a similar look and configuration as a worm drive. However, the hypoid circular saw has an entirely different gearbox and transmission. It makes use of hypoid gear; this is a unique kind of spiral bevel. The construction improves the blade contact as well as the efficiency and power.

Cordless VS Corded Circular Saw

Choosing between cordless and corded circular saws entirely depends on your specific needs. A battery powers cordless saws so you can use where there is no electricity. All you need to do is to charge the batteries. They are portable and flexible although they do not offer much power as corded circular saws.

On the other hand, a corded saw has a cord which you connect to a power outlet; this means you can’t use them where there is no source of electricity. However, corded saws in most cases are more powerful than cordless saws. So you should probably go with a corded saw if you will be working on heavy-duty projects.

Essential Features to Look for in Circular Saws

Bevel Capability

The bevel cut is a type of cut where the blade is not at right angle to the material. Bevel capacity shows the level of bevel cuts the saw can allow you to perform. Each of the circular saw features specific bevel capacity, so pick a saw with the bevel capacity you will need for the job.

Power & RPMs

When you get a powerful circular saw, you will be able to cut through different types of materials. The standard measure of a circular saw is 15 AMP. However, there are other types. It all depends on what you need to cut and the more power, the more expensive the circular saw.

The RPM is the revolution per minutes the saw can make, and the higher the number of RPM, the faster your saw will go.

Dust Blower

The circular saw release dust all over the place as it cuts. Sometimes, your cutline will get covered with debris which makes it difficult to see clearly. You should get a saw with dust blower if you were performing more extended cuts.

The Cutting Depth

The cutting depth is another feature you need to consider if you want the best circular saw. Circular saws are usually more suitable for cutting 2x or smaller materials. And all the 6 ½ inches and 7¼ inches saws can cut through 2 inches piece of wood at 90 degrees.


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