Coffee is life! Wait, is it? Yes, to many, the caffeine is just an amazing addiction. One cup is all you need to rejuvenate your energy for the morning. Buying coffee from your nearest coffee shop seems convenient especially if you have to rush to work but often you miss the privilege to measure your own dosage (maybe not dosage but quantity) as well as the flexibility to make as much coffee as you need any time, even in the middle of the night! For this reason it is better to buy a coffee percolator; and the best thing is that they are quite affordable, and  you don’t have to break a bank to own one.

Coffee Percolator Outdoor

Here are some of the best coffee percolators that you should check out in 2018.

Adcraft Countertop CP-100 Cup Coffee Percolator

With adcraft countertop, you have a generous capacity percolator to treat all your guests to a fresh piping hot brew.

It comes in stainless steel finish adding beauty to your kitchen. It’s ideal for parties, churches, institutions, cafeteria etc.

With stay cool handles and stem, coffee filter basket, and a cover to conceal it from environmental hazard, the adcraft is all you need. It can serve between 40-60 cups which makes it ideal for gatherings and functions.

 Adcraft Countertop CP-100 Cup Coffee Percolator


Bialetti Brikka 2-Cup Espresso

The Bialetti Brikka is a classic stove top percolator that has a great build quality of tough aluminum construction and classic design. With this coffee percolator you will have your coffee ready within 3-6 minutes.  It makes enough for 2 cups of very intense, espresso-esque coffee.  You may add boiling water for a longer Americano-style drink.

The coffee percolator features a hollow base which makes it suitable for use in ceramic, gas and electric ranges. It is crafted with attention to details. For instance, the gaskets are made of 100% rubber which ensures that it the percolator forms tight seals.

Bialetti Brikka 2-Cup Espresso


Faberware Classic Yosemite 8-cup Coffee Percolator

This stainless steel brewer has a classic look and gives you excellent four to eight cups of coffee.

The interior is non-reactive which means it won’t absorb any odors or tastes. This grantees your 100th brew an equally great serving.

With a plastic knob top and a tight-fitting lid, you will be able to peek in on your brew. That way you will know exactly when it starts percolating. The insulated handle keeps your hands safe from burns while providing you a comfortable grip for pouring.

The percolator is dishwasher safe giving you least trouble when cleaning.

Faberware Classic Yosemite 8-cup Coffee Percolator


Presto 12-cup Stainless Coffee Percolator

Looking for a convenient, easy to use, electric percolator that won’t cost you an arm? Presto stainless is the best choice.

This percolator covers your large family, and your frequent guests. With a brew of around one minute per cup, you won’t have to wait too long to have your coffee. A signal lets you know when its ready.

Thanks to the easy-pour spout, you will have no problems serving. The carafe, filter basket and perk tube are all made from stainless steel to uphold durability.

Presto 12-cup Stainless Coffee Percolator


GSI Outdoors Enamel Ware Percolator

Want to impress your camping buddies? Or serve your guests during an outdoor event? This unit will accomplish both objectives.

GSI Outdoors gives you the ultimate traditional look enameled percolator. Although made of steel it has a classic enamel coating that protects your brewer while giving it style.

It is not the lightest coffee percolator you will find, but it is built to last, providing you with lots of tasty coffee, 8 cups a time.

Since it is kiln-hardened, it saves you extra caution from scratching and chipping.

GSI Outdoors Enamel Ware Percolator


Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator

Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator comes with its own style with a retro look and makes use of a twist-lock lid. The drip-free spout is great for pouring.

While it is a little larger than most percolators, it is easily portable and can brews 12 cups giving you a generous serving.

The indicator lets you know when the brewing process is complete and the plastic handle keeps you safe from burns. With a detachable cord, you will have it the easier way serving away from the kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator


Coletti Bozeman Percolator

Coletti Bozeman gives you the best experience with the old-fashioned way of making coffee. It is the exact break you need from automatic coffee percolator and a unique way to become a coffee craftsman just like your grandparents.

Do you like your coffee hot? The boiling water and convection process ensures the hottest cup of coffee possible. The 9 cup pot helps keep the coffee hot for long.

 Coletti Bozeman Percolatorforcoffee.info


The durability of a coffee percolator is crucial since it guarantees full value to your money. You can get one from a nearby store or buy online. Either way, there are various factors you need check out before deciding on which percolator to buy. These include capacity, user friendly, construction, speed and renewal as well as maintenance cost.

Coffee Percolator

Coffee percolators are available in various varieties ranging from stovetop and electric coffee percolators. Other varieties are categorized as manual, automatic, French press and vacuum. Your decision on which percolator to buy depends on your taste and preference.


The  size of a coffee percolator is depend on what you intend to use it for. For personal use, a percolator for 2 or 4 cups will be enough. However, if you are looking to serve guest then you can go for that which serves up to 12 cups.

Ease Of Use

Pay attention to the spout and features like indicator lights that lets you know when the brew is finished. Also, a dishwasher safe percolator will save you time and headache cleaning it.


It is advisable to go for metal when you can, and stainless steel. This gives you the most durable system. For your outdoor coffee needs, you might consider enamelware.


There are three types of filters you need have in mind: paper filter, metal filter and water filter.  Coffee percolators using paper filters are said to offer a possible health benefit by removing cholesterol. Paper filter can only be used once while as metal filters are permanent.

Speed and Renewal

Some coffee percolators may take more time while others take less than 3 minutes. Whichever the case, your choice should rely on the quality of the resulting coffee.


A percolator purchase shouldn’t stretch your budget. Inexpensive models run less than $25 and even the most expensive tend to be under $100.

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