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With our tight job schedules, trying to squeeze time for our families and balancing everything that life throws at us might be quite involving to the extent that you hardly get time to enjoy a relaxing massage done by a professional. However, you don’t have to feel left out anymore since the enhanced technology has led to the development of electric massage chairs.  And unlike previous years where you probably had to break a bank to afford one of these massage chairs, you can now obtain the best massage chair in the market at an affordable rate.

Hence, regardless of your crazy schedule, you can get your massage at the comfort of your home. The advantage of acquiring a massage chair is that it helps you relax and reliefs you from body pains. Health experts also recommend massages since they are an effective way of reducing stress and anxiety and also helps reduce blood pressure. Buying a massage chair not only save you the money you could have paid a masseuse but is also user-friendly and can be used by anyone in the family.

To assist you chose the best massage chair we have compiled a list of the top ten massage chairs and the comparison is based on their features, quality, and functions.

Comparison Chart for the Best Massage Chair

Chair Special features Net weight Massage option Massage programs airbags Warranty
Kahuna LM6800


Two-level zero gravity, body scanner, detachable foot rest, UL-listed 300 lbs Full body massage 4 36 3 years
Osaki OS-4000


Zero gravity, low back heat therapy, UL-listed 215 lbs Full body massage 6 46 3 years
Shiatsu Massage Chair


Zero gravity, heating functionality, airbags for the forearms and wrist 250 lbs Full body massage 4 35 1 year
Luraco i7


Zero gravity, body scanning, full heating system, integrated MP3 music system 265 lbs Full body massage 9 80 5-years limited to framework. 3yrs for in-home service and 2 years for parts


Heated massage, stretching feature, compression and percussion. 200 lbs Full body massage 6 69 1 year
Inada Sogno Dreamwave


Zero gravity, body scanner, back and seat heating 265 lbs Full body massage 8 100 3 years
Inada Flex 3s


3D rollers, heated pads in the arm rests and foot rests 165 lbs Full body and stretch 4 90 3 years
 Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Zero gravity, body scanning, built-in heating airbag system 51.7 lbs Upper back, mid back, thighs and calves 9 N/A 3 years
Infinity Iyashi


Zero gravity, lumbar heat, and foot roller 170 lbs Full body massage 4 38 3 years
Human Touch Novo XT


Zero gravity, foot rollers, lumbar heating,3D unibody L-track 273 lbs Full body massage 34 40 5 years

Top 10 Best Massage Chairs Reviews

Kahuna LM6800- High Massage Performance with Zero Gravity Design

Kahuna LM6800Kahuna is a renowned brand for its well featured and quality products. At this price, you can be guaranteed that the features are high-end and made of long-lasting material. It has all the elements to give you a world-class massage.

It comes with 36 airbags and an L-track design all crafted to ensure that the stiff muscles at the back are unclenched. Its implausible 4 roller design enables the rollers to work their way to and from on your back while kneading the tsubo points across a wide area relieving you tension along the muscles.

The airbags will do the trick for your arms and legs while as the heating pads work on your lower back and the calves. With this chair, you are guaranteed maximum relaxation. The other feature that sets this massage chair from its competitors is its yoga program. In this case, with the help of the airbags, the chair gently moves in such a way to stretch your stiff muscles adding more focus to the shoulders and neck.

It is controlled using a remote which has 4 preprogrammed modes. You also manual settings to control the intensity and the temperatures of the heating pad. For added comfort, the chair is designed to feature a three stage-zero gravity seating position.

  • High massage performance
  • L-track roller system for a wider range and deep massage
  • The yoga program that focuses on crucial parts such as the neck, shoulders, and pelvis
  • Its compatible design saves on space
  • Highly adjustable and features 4 preprogrammed massage modes
  • Zero gravity seating position for added comfort
  • Airbags are integrated into armrests for both the forearms and wrist

  • The remote control is quite complicated
  • Its assembly is complicated
  • The 250 lb weight capacity is quite low

Osaki OS-4000 -Zero Gravity, Heat and Vibration Therapy

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage ChairThis synthetic leather massage chair not only offers a stylish design and solid construction but also delivers impeccable performance. It also provides zero gravity positions for weight distribution and comfortability.

With the enhanced intelligence of the massage robot, this chair can scan your body curves and make adjustments focusing on parts such as the neck, lumbar and the shoulders. This chair is designed to offer a full body massage from the neck, shoulders, arms, buttocks, calves, and feet.

It comes with 6 auto-programs, 6 massage styles and 5 speeds and intensity levels all aimed at allowing you to customize your massage sessions. It also features 32 airbags that are strategically placed to target the most essential parts. With this massage chair, you will experience outstanding heat therapy of the lower back, vibrations for the buttocks, air squeeze massage to the neck, shoulders, back, and hips.

  • 6 auto-programs, 6 massage styles and 5 speeds and intensity levels
  • Computerized full body scan for massage customization
  • Zero gravity technology
  • Heat and vibration therapy
  • Offers full body massage

  • Assembling can be quite complicated
  • The timer that shut off the chair can be annoying

Shiatsu Massage Chair- Zero Gravity Option for Comfortability with Heat Functionality

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage ChairIf you are looking for a massage chair that will deliver a perfect job along the whole length of the spine down to the thighs and glutes, then this is the massage chair for you. It comes with incredible features and outstanding performance. It features specialized rollers along the back that are designed to stimulate the tsubo points located along the neck and spine.

In addition to the comprehensive coverage of the rollers, the chair also has heating pads for the lumbar regions. It will not only create a soothing effect but also release the tension in your body muscles.

To enhance its efficiency, the chair comes with an intelligent control system which measures your width and height and automatically adjusts the rollers to position. This provides a customized massage that specifically fits your dimensions.

It also creates a zero gravity seating position to allow even distribution of weight across the chair for comfortability.

  • Zero gravity design
  • Features airbags for wrist and forearms which is hard to come by in such a budget price chair
  • Heating functionality
  • Features two sets of wheels to enhance mobility

  • Noisy airbags
  • Most construction is faux and plastic covers which do not feel particularly luxurious

Luraco i7- 3D Body Scan Technology for Customized Massages

Luraco iRobotics 7 Medical Massage ChairThis is a high-end massage chair with exceptional therapeutic advantage and is one of the most exquisite massage chairs in the market. It features an S-Track frame design which allows the quad rollers to massage your spine naturally. It also features a 3D body scanning technology to customize your massage depending on your height and the width of the shoulders.

Its zero-gravity seating design allows even distribution of weight and also enhances the overall massage experience. The Luraco i7 also consists of a wide variety of massage techniques ranging from; kneading, rolling, tapping, Swedish and shiatsu.

It offers nine different pre-programmed massage options and six different intensity settings. It is a reliable choice for loosening up sore muscles since it provides full body heat therapy.

  • Features 4D massage technology
  • Extensive heat functions
  • Better foot and calf massage
  • Comes with MP3 support and memory function

  • Features fewer airbags
  • Offers fewer customization options

EC-06- Automatic Body Scan with Shiatsu Massage Option

This massage chair comes with features that are typically found in much more expensive massage chairs. For example, it offers deep-kneading shiatsu massage, rolling foot massage, waist heating, and robust design.

It utilizes the L-Track system where the message chair roller goes up and down on your spine and down to the buttocks. This, alongside other features, makes it suitable for easing the pain on people suffering from rheumatism. It also has an automatic body scan to allow customized massage. You can also use the three settings and four massages automated technique that includes; shiatsu, tapping, kneading, and percussion methods.

It has 69 airbags to make sure that you experience an excellent and high intense massage. More so, it gives you the option to adjust the setting of the chair to suit your preferences. It also has multiple levels of massage intensity to choose from.

  • Multiple levels of massage intensity
  • It is one of the cheapest massage chairs that will give value to your money
  • Easy to assembly
  • Offers deep-kneading shiatsu massage

  • Not a zero gravity chair
  • Not every size can fit

Inada Sogno Dreamwave – Shugi Stretching with 3D Rollers for Exquisite Massages

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage ChairWhenever you are looking for a mind-blowing massage chair where the budget is not an issue, then this is a perfect choice. This chair will offer not only the best relaxation and comfort but also incredible therapeutic impact. It is designed to provide more stretching movements in addition to the massages thus improving your posture and loosening the tight joints. A massage given by this chair will promote blood flow through effectively relaxing the muscles.

Its 3D rollers provide a wide range of motion to increase your preference movements. More so, its aircells have been updated to 100 which is one aspect that makes this massage chair become one of the best massage chairs in the market.

The neck and headrest designs are crafted in such a way that they feature Shugi stretching which is one technique that focuses on easing the tension in the shoulder and neck areas. It also features a unique swinging motion design to provide maximum relaxation while enhancing gentle movement stretching along the pelvis.

  • Features enhanced technology including full arm massage, neck and shoulder combinations.
  • Features a body scanner
  • Implausible performance
  • Special focus on the shoulders and beck
  • Gentle heating for the seat and the lower back

  • Lacks heating for the palms and feet soles
  • It’s quite expensive

Inada Flex 3s – 3D rollers with Heating Functionality

Inada is one of the brands that have been in the industry for a very long time, and they have used their experience to develop top quality and effective massage chairs. The Inada Flex 3s is one of the most exceptional massage chairs in the market and will deliver high and reliable perfomance.

The unique feature that makes this chair one of the best massage chairs is its incorporation of specialized design where the rollers and aircells work in choreographed movements. These movements are crafted in a way to stretch and compress muscles while gradually loosening them to make them feel relaxed and lighter.

This massage chair also uses 3D rollers which move inwards using airbags attached to the roller arms. This ensures that there is control in the amount of pressure the rollers exert during the massage.

  • Incredible full body massage
  • The shoulder pads have emulated the embrace of a human touch
  • Features gentle heating along the sole of the feet and palms
  • Built using long lasting materials

  • No zero gravity position
  • No seat or lower back heating

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure -8 Vibration Motors with 9 Pre-Programmed Massage Settings

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & HeatRelazxen is known to provide massage chairs that perfectly blend with any house décor. If you are looking for a massage chair that matches with the rest of your furniture, you can count on the Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair. It is made using faux suede material which is easy to clean and maintain.

It features 8 vibration motors that relax your upper and mid back as well as thighs and calves. It also comes with 9 pre-programmed message settings for easy massage sessions. It also delivers soothing heat treatment around the lumbar area. The motors are strategically placed to provide extensive massage coverage.

This massage chair not only provides adjustable recline but also has the ability to support weights of up to 300 pounds. It’s unique, and well-thought design makes it suitable for your home theater room, sunroom or office.

It is one of the reasonably price message chairs and is easily found in the market. It consists a lower back heating system which is among its key components.

  • It is reasonably priced
  • It can swivel and recline during a massage to help boost the level of relaxation
  • Weighs only 51 pounds making it easy to move around

  • Not suitable for users above a 5’6 height
  • Does not have a body scanning system

Infinity Iyashi – Zero Gravity Option, Thai Stretching and Lumbar Heating

Infinity Iyashi Black/Caramel Zero-Gravity Massage Chair InfiniteThis chair has numerous features that make it stand out from its competitors. For starters, it features a zero gravity design which is one of the recommendations of NASA. It also has 49’ L-track design and is one of the longest in the market. Other outstanding features include; Thai stretch program, lumbar heat, Bluetooth speaker, and is a wall-hanger type of chair. It is optimized for any size space and has a unique track system that allows you to save more space than other traditional models.

It consists of leg and foot airbag massage, shoulder airbags and arms and wrist airbags. It also has the state of the art optical scanning technology that provides highly personalized massages.

  • Space saving
  • Features the longest L-track roller system
  • Recommendable for infinite therapeutics
  • Amazing stretch program
  • Suitable for posture correction

  • Quite expensive

Human Touch Novo XT- Full Body Massage with 3D Unibody L-track System

Human Touch "Novo" Full Body Coverage Zero-Gravity L-Track Massage ChairThe Human Touch Novo XT is an excellent reclining massage chair that will deliver full body massage that also leaves you relaxed. Its compatible design allows you to save on space and is perfect for limited spaces and smaller apartments.

It is a quite chair that is equipped with mechanical foot rollers that have the option to regulate their speed. It also comes with foot airbags, and you can adjust the intensity to your preference. Although the chair has a body scan technology, the scan is not automatic, and your height and shoulder width are determined by choosing a number from 1-9 on the body chart.

You can regulate the massage strength for back and feet, shoulders and neck areas independently. It is a heated chair for the best massage with 3D unibody L-track to provide you with a 3D massage from head to things.

  • Space saving model
  • You can adjust the massage intensity for neck and shoulder, back and feet area independently
  • It is relatively quiet
  • It comes in a beautiful and solid design

  • Lacks body detection technology
  • Does not have seat and feet heat
  • Lower level of customization

A Complete Buyers Guide for the Best Massage Chairs

With the increasing number of brands in the market all claiming to produce the best massage chairs, it is easy to find yourself with the wrong quality. To avoid such instances, there are certain factors that you should always consider before buying a massage chair

The Price

The price of massage chairs ranges from moderate to expensive. These prices vary depending on the features and the style of the chair. On the medium category, you can obtain an office massage chair; however, these types of chairs only come with a vibrating feature which might not bring out the full therapeutic aspect of the massage given. If you are looking to have a massage chair that will do the trick, then you have to dig deeper into your pocket, but you can be sure that the investment will be worthwhile.

  • Office massage chairs- $65- $200
  • Electric recliner full body massage chair- $600 and above
  • Fully body massage chairs with multiple features-$800-$1000plus
  • High-end massage chairs with the latest massage technology and enhanced functions-$3000-$6000

Although the prices are high, most of these chairs come with a warranty of up to three years which is a guarantee that the quality is impeccable.

Depth of Massage

Most people prefer deeper tissue massage, but it is important to choose that which offers a wide range of massage options and intensity. It is better to buy a massage chair whose depth of massage can be toned down easily using a remote than buying that with a soft massage that cannot be intensified. The most preferred massage chair in terms of the depth of a massage is that which offers either a 3D or 4D massage feature. The 3D features the standard movement (up and down, left and right) as well as ‘in and out’ delivering intensified massages. The 4D massage have the same features as the 3D but with increases speed and time.


Most of the recent massage chairs have incorporated the option of customization to deliver personalized massages based on your preferences. With customization, you can also save a massage session to the chair’s memory chip. The best massage chair is that with you can customize using a remote control. Some chairs also come with four or more pre-set massage programs which you can playback at any time.


This is another factor that you can’t afford to overlook since the size of the chair determines the comfortability of the chair. Some of the features you should look out for include; rotation, ottomans, recliners, and zero gravity positions.

Size also matters when you plan to have multiple massage chairs in one room. In this case, the size of the massage chair will also be determined by the available space. More so, most massage chairs require access to a wall outlet in which case, the arrangement of the massage chairs will be dependent more on maximizing space rather than making space available.


The weight of the massage chair matters primarily in the case where the chair will be moved past the first floor. Moving a more than 300 lbs massage chair to the fifth or tenth floor is no joke since there is as the possibility of getting damaged in the process. A lighter chair is versatile since it allows you to move it around with ease

Ease of Maintenance

The cost of maintenance of a massage chair can be quite expensive and is the reason why it is advisable to go for a massage chair with a modular design that is easy to service and maintain. Buy a massage chair that is easy to disassemble and assemble.


The length of the warranty can tell a lot about the quality of the chair. A company that is confident enough in the quality of their products will give a more extended warranty period. The best warranty in the massage industry is five years, but most manufacturers provide a 3-year warranty. However, it is essential to be alert with some advertisements since certain companies can place a more extended warranty offer just to draw your attention. A five-year warranty can only apply to the frame so make sure you read the print before being lured into buying these chairs.

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