Best Memory Foam Mattress To Buy In 2018

Memory foam mattresses were developed in the 1970s by NAS scientists, and they are the most prevalent type of non- innerspring mattress in our market today. They provide effectively incomparable motion isolation and support which makes them an ideal choice for many sleepers. Whenever you looking to change your mattress or renovate your bedroom, these are the best option.They offer ultimate body-hugging comfort and superior pressure relief for backs, hips and shoulder aches. The price of a mattress is determined by how much foam a mattress uses and how dense materials are. If you are in search of the best memory foam mattress, here are some options.

Amerisleep Foam Mattress

Amerisleep has a variety of foam mattresses with different levels of firmness, AS3 being their medium firmness option. This medium firmness is the one that most individuals prefer since it is comfortable and it fits almost all combination of sleepers. It is one of the most versatile mattresses, thus it great for couples with different sleeping style and for people who keep on changing styles once they sleep. The foam in the Amerisleep bed is more eco-friendly as plants are substituted for certain petroleum that is commonly used to produce foam.

Amerisleep has taken several measures to ensure the bed is cooler. At times, memory foam is known for trapping a lot of body heat, but Amisleep uses a material with an open cell structure that helps with freshening. In addition to this, the convoluted transition layer and breathable cover combine to allow more airflow through mattress for a boosted temperature regulation.

Amerisleep foam mattress

Nectar Foam Mattress

Nectar offers exceptional value as it incorporates the reason we like traditional memory foam including deep contouring and great pressure relief. It has breathability and cooling effects too which are some qualities of the best foam mattress. Its cover has a soft silky feel, and its fabric is more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. It has a Tencel fabric that dissolves heat and moisture by wicking it away. Its two layers of gel memory foam serve as a comfort and cooling elements.

Naturally, it is a bed bug resistant, and it circulates air all over the upper layer to improve air circulation and airflow. The cover is replaceable by the company even after sleeping on it after sometimes at no extra charge, something that many companies don’t do. Then, that offer is backed up by 365 days trial period and a lifetime warranty. For a good reason, Nector foam mattress is extremely and reasonably priced given the quality manufacturing and materials used.


Layla Mattress

Layla mattress is a double-sided mattress that allows sleepers to choose from its different firmness levels depending on their personal preferences. The company listened to their customer’s main concerns and made this mattress based on those concerns. Their major ones were health, cooling, comfort, and airflow. Layla’s memory layer has a copper saturation which is one of the newest innovations in the industry. Since copper is a good conductor of heat, it draws out the heat from the areas surrounding the sleepers.

Copper also does help to ease joint inflammation, and it helps to reduce joint stiffness and pain. Have you ever come across people wearing copper therapy bracelets? Well, Layla mattress works similarly as those bracelets. When you are sleeping, it helps to improve your blood flow by emitting anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. The manufacturers of this mattress mixed copper and open cell memory foam which prevents the mattress from becoming too hot.

Layla Mattress

Tempur Cloud Foam Mattress

Tempur cloud is among the best memory foam mattress that has a and comfort layer design. It is made from materials which have an extremely conforming temperature feature, to regulate the feel of the mattress and to allow personalized support and comfort. Smart climate system allows you to stay comfortable during the night by drawing the moisture away: While smart climate treatment placed at the inner cover provides a cool comfort touch.

The base layer is well designed to help disperse hotness from the mattress. It is available in five models with a thickness ranging from 10′ to 13 ½’. Compared to other memory foam models mattresses, its lifespan is longer. Tempur company is the first to give an offer of sleeping trial where thy claim that if you are not happy with the brand even after sleeping on it, you can return it for a full refund. Currently, the company offers 90 days.Tempur Cloud Mattress

Loom & Leaf Foam Mattress

Loom & Leaf is created by Saatva, which is well known for its high-quality mattresses. From a woven thistle flame retardant to its organic cotton cover, the make has combined natural materials to its design enriching with a luxurious feel. Which are some of the qualities that makes it the best foam mattress. It has an exceptional Spinal Zone Gel layer underneath. The quilted cover to help the spine get extra support and cooling. This mattress is the best foam mattress that gives great fit for individuals who want additional support. And those who like to enjoy a slower responding feel.

Although it is only available in just two firmness levels- Firm and Relaxed Firm- it fits well stomach and back sleepers. This is because it is slightly firmer and it has Spinal Zone Gel Layer. It is well designed to offer good temperature control; thus, if you often wake up being too hot, it might be the best option. Unlike many other mattresses, Loom & Leaf is not compressed, and it is always shipped in a box, the company provides free mattress removal and Free White Glove Delivery.

Loom & Leaf Mattress

Ultimate Dream Supreme

Ultimate Dream Supreme is a product of Dreamfoam a brand by Brooklyn Bedding. It takes pride in their ability to produce a wide range of reasonably priced products that clients love. The mattress has layers designed to function together to hug your body and offer a deep level of comfort.

If you want a classic memory feel, you should get fulfillment in this brand. It has four total inches of memory materials that offer deep contouring and less bounce. It does a perfect job of reliving and supporting pressure for nearly all sleep position. Dreamfoam has incorporated gel in the memory foam to refute the heat many beds tend to trap.



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