Best Oscillating Tools

An oscillating tool is the most versatile power tool in any workshop, and a must have for any professional or DIYer. Capable of removing grout, scraping, grinding cut, sanding, flush-cutting and more, these ultimate tools perform a variety of applications that otherwise would have taken a combination of different tools to complete.

Oscillating tools can be a fantastic addition, but you have to make sure you do your research and purchase the right one. However, with so many models on the market, picking an oscillating tool can prove to be challenging. So how do you decide what the best oscillating tool is and the one that is right for you?

We decided to take a closer look and in the first part of this review is the 10 Best Oscillating Tools on the market today. You can confidently choose from any of the models, and you won’t regret your decision. But if you want to know more about oscillating tools before choosing one, you can read the buying guide in the second part of the review.

DEWALT DCS355D1 20V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

If you’re looking for a cordless oscillating tool, the DeWalt DCS355D1 should be on top of your list. This oscillating tool runs on the 20V MAX* 2.0 Ah battery. The DeWalt DCS355D1 has a brushless motor; this generates minimal friction and about 57% longer than brushed oscillating tools.

The oscillating tool has a universal adapter that is compatible with most accessory brands, so if you don’t have a particular head, you can borrow from a friend. The kit contains 28 pieces, and it boasts of great quick change accessory system that allows you to move between sanding, cutting, grouting, and detail-sanding. The oscillating tool can become your go-to solution when you need to complete a job efficiently and quickly.

The dual grip variable-speed (0-20,000 OPM) trigger allows you to control the speed of the tool and offer you multiple gripping options for various applications. It also boasts of some other useful features like the LED light which give you an edge when working in dimly lit areas or tight spaces.




  • User-friendly
  • Clean drywall cutouts
  • Good for beginners
  • Long battery life
  • Easy quick-change system




  • A bit loud
  • Easily get hot


Rockwell RK5151K Oscillating Multi-Tool

The RK5151K model is one of the most versatile and powerful oscillating tool available on the market. It provides two different angles —3.4 and 5 degrees which allow you to pick between slow and precise or fast and aggressive cutting action. The feature makes it the perfect oscillating tool for any project. It is a corded tool with Sonicrafter’s Universal Fit System which uses any blade, even those from other manufacturers.

The Rockwell RK5151K is capable of handling any task including making plunge cuts, cross-cutting, sanding work surface, or cutting metal pipe. What is also admirable about the tool is the variable speed that can go from 10,000 to 19,000 OPM and the constant speed control that works in sync with the 4.2 AMP motor. It is a powerful tool that won’t stall out due to its industry-best maximum cutting load of 35 lbs.

Another unique feature of this oscillating tool is the Hyper lock Tool-Free. It produces a 1 ton of clamping forces on the blade to ensure it doesn’t slip. The Rockwell RK5151K is one of the best, easy to use, and most reliable tools in its category.




  • Powerful and durable
  • Offers loads of versatility
  • Outstanding clamping mechanism




  • Not suitable for confined space


Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max 3.8-Amp Oscillating Tool Kit

This Dremel MM40-05 worked its way up into our review of the best oscillating tools. The model is one of the best precision power tools that are perfect for both the construction professionals and DIYers. It has a strong motor of 3.8 AMP which surpasses even well-known models in power rating.

It is ideal for a wide variety of projects such as grout removal, grinding, sanding, cutting and scraping and you can put as much load on it as possible, and it won’t budge. Though you can only fix attachments made by the brand, this oscillating tool provide quick-lock feature – you can make accessory changes in a breeze. It can grip any attachment firmly due to its quick-hold magnetic flange, and this increases stability and reduces slippage.

The Quick-Boost design is capable of maintaining constant speed no matter the type of materials or application. The up-front on/off switch makes the tool suitable for one-handed use. The 3.2 degrees is another feature that makes this tool one of the best for performance. Plus, it has 36 accessories which give you lots of options.




  • High performance
  • Powerful workhorse
  • Moderately priced
  • Quick-lock and Quick-hold system




  • Not compatible with other attachments
  • Heavier than some others in its class


Bosch StarlockPlus 4.0 Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

When it comes to power tools, few brands offer as much reliability and assurance of quality as Bosch. Running on a 4 AMP motor with the constant response, the Bosch StarlockPlus is suitable for heavy-duty applications. The 3D StarlockPlus® machine accessory interface offers the best in class blade grip while also providing you with more torque transfer for prolonging projects.

The Bosch StarlockPlus is an oscillating tool with an extremely variable speed which can go anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 OPM. And the adjustable speed button offers a 3 degrees oscillating arc. At 3.3 pound with compact design, this tool is ideal for confined spaces. Coming with no-touch saw changing system, you can quickly reposition or remove the blades and other accessories.

The sturdy metal gear housing assures you that the oscillating tool will last for years. The oscillating tool has less vibration, provides optimal transmission force and comes with a reinforced gear. The LED light helps when working in a low light condition and it comes in handy for the flat type of cuts.




  • Versatile
  • Perform various tasks
  • Create less vibrations
  • Ergonomic design features




  • Not compatible with all StarlockPlus accessories
  • Very loud


Genesis GMT15A Oscillating Tool

Despite the incredibly affordable price, the Genesis GMT15A is an excellent multi-purpose oscillating tool that can handle almost any number of applications. It is the most affordable and the best cheap oscillating tool on the list. The machine comes with a small kit which includes everything you may need for any light do it yourself projects.

This corded tool is versatile and delivers 1.5 AMP power and is capable of reaching a speed of up to 21,000 OPM – on par with more expensive oscillating tools. Genesis built the gear housing with a sturdy die-cast aluminum which allows it to withstand heavy home use. The four-pin flange system makes sure that the accessories hold firmly in place.

The tool has an excellent ventilation system which allows the heat to escape quickly. The tools that come with it include a scraper blade, flat saw blade for cutting drywall or wood, and sanding attachment. You can also get other attachments if you need them. With the level of versatility and affordability, this tool makes DIY projects a breeze.




  • Highly affordable
  • Durable gear housing
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for a variety of home project




  • Some cuts are hard to perform
  • Loud


Makita TM3010CX1 Multi-Tool

Makita is one of the most trusted names in power tools, and this model indeed represents the company well. The machine operates on a 3 AMP motor which comes with a soft start feature. And it improves performance in a variety of projects including scraping, cutting, grout removal, and scraping. Furthermore, the electronic speed controls which range from 6,000 to 20,000 OPM help you maintain consistently high performance.

With the 3.2-degree oscillation angle, Makita engineered the oscillation tool to provide faster sanding and cutting. They also design it to minimize noise and vibration, making it quieter and reliable alternative to many other units. The smaller barrel grip and weight of 3.5 pounds make it a pleasure to use. Plus, it’s on/off slide switch has a lock-on mechanism which allows you to focus when working.

The Makita TM3010CX1 oscillating tool is capable of using several different attachments, and the OIS fits in with any blade no matter the brand. The clamp system with 12 tightening settings increases stability and grip while also allowing you to handle different types of projects.




  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic design
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Ideal for different home projects




  • Top gear case is plastic


PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 Oscillating Tool is most people’s favorite for a reason; it is versatile and comes with exceptional performance. It is a corded tool which comes with a 10-foot, this means you won’t have issues going the distance. With the variable speed dial and the capability to produce between 10,000 and 20,000 OPM and outstanding 3 AMP motor, this oscillating tool is suitable for numerous applications.

The removable depth guide allows you to control the depth of the cuts easily and you can remove it within seconds. The oscillating tool is unlike to break down anytime soon due to the high-quality materials. The machine is user-friendly with the tool-free changing system, this allows for easy and fast adjustments. The 3-position over mold grip will enable you to hold it in any position, providing you with precision and stability.

The tool has the most comprehensive set in its class. It has everything from rigid scrapers and sanding pad to flush cut and metal blades. Providing reliability, smooth operation, and incredible power, The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 Oscillating Tool is one of the best buys available on the market.




  • Cut perfectly straight lines
  • Multiple grip positions
  • Less vibration
  • Tool-free change system




  • Overheats on prolonged use


BLACK+DECKER BD200MTB 2.0 AMP Variable Speed Oscillating Multi-Tool

The one thing that stuck out about the BLACK+DECKER is the way they balance efficiency and price, and this model is no different. This oscillating tool is an affordable option that comes with a 2.5 AMP motor; it can run through almost any application with ease. The variable speed dial provides 6 set with the speed that runs from 10,000 to 20,000 OPM to give you optimum performance in any task.

BLACK+DECKER design the tool to give you efficient and high-quality results. The oscillating tool kit comes with 13 accessories, and you can quickly swap this for use in a variety of different projects. The tool-free blade release mechanism allows you to change accessories using the quick-release lever. This unit will accept blades and attachments from other brands as well.

The BLACK+DECKER BD200MTB Oscillating Tool has a comfortable grip which provides better control and handling for optimum results. This budget-friendly tool offer versatility and enough speed to make it an excellent addition to your workshop.




  • Best value for money
  • Versatile
  • 6-setting variable speed dial
  • Ergonomic design




  • Loud
  • Overheating after prolong use



PORTER CABLE PCC710B Cordless Oscillating Tool

The PORTER CABLE PCC710B is the second oscillating tool on our list that is battery-powered and cordless. This model is part of the 20V Max System – a cordless platform that delivers high performance. This sturdy, lightweight tool includes 20 accessories and a storage box. The 2 Finger Tool Free Mechanism allows you to make changing and adjusting accessories easy and quick.

The variable speed dial with the range of 8,000 to 18,000 OPM produces maximum control across a different variety of applications. It comes with a fantastic LED light so you can see where your blade is in low light conditions. The three position over mold grip improves comfort by reducing the oscillating tool vibration.

The PORTER CABLE PCC710B Oscillating Tool has all in one tool which can scrape, sand, cut, and grind. This excellent tool is perfect for anyone looking to get a cordless oscillating tool for the first time. The price is affordable, and it comes with a variety of parts which introduce you to its versatile abilities.




  • Highly affordable
  • Ideal for first-time owners
  • Ergonomic design




  • Doesn’t come with a battery
  • Not suitable for the heavy-duty projects

DEWALT DWE315K Corded Oscillating Tool Kit

The DWE315K is another great model from DEWALT that made it to our list of best oscillating tools. With DEWALT DWE315K, you get an oscillating tool with incredibly powerful 3 AMP motor and with one hand, you can trigger the dual speed button. You can quickly change the blades on this oscillating tool without using screwdrivers or wrenches due to the quick-change system.

This unit boasts of 29 pieces of oscillating tool accessories. Also, the tool has an LED light to guide your cutting in darkness. The model provides increased control with the dual grip variable speed trigger; it also allows you to adjust the oscillating tool performance in any given application easily. The lightweight will enable you to work for a longer time and is durable enough to go the distance.

With the Guide System, you can adjust the height or depth of your cut; this gives you consistency and perfectly straight line. The DEWALT DWE315K is built to last and can stand up to anything you throw at it. The accessory kit comes with a storage box which includes sanding attachments and popular cutting.




  • Dual-grip variable speed trigger
  • Strong performance
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy construction




  • It is a bit loud
  • No speed dial


Buyer’s Guide for Oscillating Tools


You need to pay attention to a couple of things before you purchase an oscillating tool. In every situation, there is a suited oscillating tool that can fit your specific requirements. The guide below will equip you with the information you need to get an excellent tool that will serve you well.


Corded or Cordless Oscillating Tools


You have to decide whether you need a corded or cordless oscillating tool. If you don’t have the time to keep charging your machine, then a corded oscillating tool will be right for you. With this, you won’t have to worry about running out of power as far as you plugged it. The supply of electricity gives you the ample time to work on large tasks; this may not work with a cordless tool.

However, with a corded oscillating tool, you will have limited mobility. The length of the tool cable will determine the extent you can go. The cordless oscillating tool, on the other hand, is usually portable and easy to move around your workshop comfortably. You can handle small task fast, and the improvement in technology allows you to get the best cordless oscillating tool with excellent battery life.


Power Output


With oscillating tools, the power and speed work concurrently. Undoubtedly power is crucial, but it is not on the same level as raw speed. For most standard use, there is no much difference between a 3 AMP motor and a 4 AMP motor. However, it has an excellent impact if you’re working for the prolonged time.

It is better to have lots of power on standby especially if you will be working on heavy-duty projects. DIYers might not need a tool with massive power output. All in all, depending on your nature of work and budget, pick the one that will deliver the right amount of energy you need for the job.


Check for the Speed


Speed is one of the most important factors you should consider when searching for the best oscillating tools. You’ll enjoy better cutting rate if your oscillating tool can reach up to 20,000 OPM or more, although fast speed can affect your cutting precision.

Given this, you can decide to pick an oscillating tool with variable speed. It gives you the versatility which allows you to adjust the speed rate based on the application.


Material & Durability


The material a brand used to construct an oscillating tool should be worthy of note because the element determines the type of job the machine can suitably handle. High-quality blades can tackle tough task while relatively weak cutting blades are more suitable for soft projects. You should also ensure the durability of the oscillating tool, especially if you’ll be using it quite often, you wouldn’t want to change tools every few months.


Ergonomic Design


If you’re regularly using your oscillating tool, you don’t want to have to hold onto it for dear life. You should get a tool designed with comfort in mind. All the oscillating tools we reviewed are well balanced and provide a user-friendly experience.

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