Clever DIY Projects to Decorate Your Home on the Cheap

Only a few things in life are as satisfying as completing a successful home DIY project. Choosing the home decor to go for, as well as polishing the look of your kitchen, bathroom, and garden can be a daunting task. From the interior to the exterior of your home, you want to make sure everything looks perfect.

The good news is that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars just to achieve the ambiance and the appearance that you would like for your home. The following are cheap and undemanding DIYs for every place in your house, including your yard and garden to add your personal touch:

Improve Your Home

The original hardware, including your old-fashioned cabinet knobs, can spruce up the look for a room when you update them. You can choose to replace these outdated knobs to what suits your style. Some of the choices are marble and brass pulls.

improve your home

Marble is typically used in coasters and countertops, but now you can also use this material for your cabinet knobs. Brass pulls, on the other hand, are perfect in exchange for the plain white pulls of your drawer.

If you are into clean lines and distinctive embellishments for your furniture that resemble the 50s and the 60s style, you will love changing your dull drawer knobs into a mid-century shiny pull. What you need is a starburst stencil, coupled with gold spray paint to convey that modern yet classic flair.

Makeover Tips for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Let us start with your kitchen. One of the things that many people do not know is that they can enhance the overall appeal of their kitchen by merely updating their cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets are a great canvas if you want to achieve a quick and fun way to improve this part of your house. You will love the results, mainly because such a project does not require you to spend lots of cash:

Kitchen and Bathroom

Two-toned cabinets

Paint schemes are quite common these days, which you can also apply to your kitchen cabinets. You can go with the usual where you have your upper cabinets in a light color, while the lower ones have a darker hue. If you want to take this project to a whole new level, you can also include the walls where your cabinets are installed. Have the bottom six inches of the walls and the cabinets painted in dark color and the upper part in white or something light.

Brass fixtures

For several decades, brass was eliminated in many home designs. Instead, this material was replaced by stainless steel, matte black, and nickel fixtures. However, the times have changed, and some of the outdated styles have returned. Brass is even better these days as it can bring out the elegance in your cabinets, especially if you have cream-colored ones. Satin-sheen brass fixtures will intensify your game better than mirror-finish brass that was popular back in the 80s.

Meanwhile, when it comes to your bathroom, you have plenty of options. What is excellent about this project is that you do not need a full remodel to see the difference. You can complete the tasks below for just $100 or less.

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New shelves

Installing new shelves will spice up your home decor. This technique works for both your kitchen and bathroom or any space in your house. Having additional shelves will give you more places to store your things and provide you with extra storage room. You can always choose prefab shelving, but you can also source your own. Currently, reclaimed wood is one of the most popular trends when it comes to interior design. It helps to wander off the traditional shelving options and use ladders, old crates, or cubbies.

Shower curtain: For an average cost of $10 to $50, you can purchase shower curtains with bold patterns or unusual color combinations. These items may be quite simple, but they can quickly add personality to your bathroom.

shelves kitchen and bathroom

Wall art

Another easy and painless way to improve the look of your bathroom is to hang your photographs or your favorite images on the wall. They can create a finished look for this part of the house. If you do not have any framed pictures, you can go for fun items, such as postcards and photos of your trips.

For your kitchen and bathroom, you can redecorate them by changing your knobs and hinges as well. Think of these small objects like jewelry for your furniture. You can accent them or refurbish the existing pulls for your drawers to make a statement. A fresh coat of paint can also do the trick.

wall art

Outdoor Enhancements

The most brilliant outdoor spaces have furnishings that look nice and are weather-resistant. If you can come up with something useful for your yard and garden, your DIY project would even be more meaningful. Here are some ideas to help you start:

Personalized doormat

Do not miss the chance to show your personality for your outdoor space. One of the first things that your guests interact with when they arrive at your home is your welcome mat, so you should make it count. Try a stenciled DIY rug, which is an inexpensive way to personalize it. Since it is affordable, you can create one for every season.

Cedar window boxes

This DIY project will up your curb appeal. Although cedar boxes may be a little costly, they still won’t eat too much out of your budget. Plus, they are indeed worth every penny because this wood matures beautifully. Take this opportunity to create the window boxes yourself so you can have the right size for the windows you want to enhance.

Mini garden

You can have a quirky yard and garden that is fun to create with your kids. Use small pots and plant flowers in them. You can later incorporate them in your flower beds for extra effect.

You can personalize your home decor with the ideas mentioned above. They are easy, stylish, and best of all, they do not cost much.

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