Step by Step Guide to Build a 4×6 Deer Stand Plans


Are you a deer hunter or a friend to one? Or are you looking for some I bet that you are some ideas that can help you build or upgrade your deer stand. You are definitely in the right place. This plan will guide you on the step by step procedure that will see you through building your own 4×6 deer stand. It includes all the features that you will be looking for, and provides you with a list of materials and tools that you will require. Further, you will find a simple and clear set of instructions, accompanied by pictures illustrations to make it easy for you!

Deer Stand

Tip: It is okay to improvise materials for convenience and you will even save a penny or two!

Again, it would be delightful to use this plan as provided but feel free to make whatever adjustments you see necessary depending on your space and your needs.

Table of Contents

0.1 Tools
0.2 Materials
1 The Floor
2 The Walls
3 The Front Wall
4 The Door
5 The Back Wall
6 Assembling
6.1 The Roof
6.2 Camouflaging The Deer Stand
Equip yourself with these tools:

Glasses and gloves for safety
Jigsaw, miter saw, screwdriver and a hammer
A carpenter’s pencil, level, tape measure and chalk line
For the floor, prepare: two lumbers each 2×4 and 72″ long, 5 pieces – 45″ long

Get a 3/4″ piece of plywood with a 48″x 72″ length to be used for the floor.
Prepare 6 pieces of lumber each measuring 2×4 and 72″ long, another 2 pieces with a length of 65″ ,4 pieces with a length of 18 1/2″, and another 4 pieces each to be 36 1/2″ long. These will be used for either side walls.
For the back wall, you will need to have 2 pieces of lumber each 2×4 and 41″ long, 3 pieces with a length of 72″ and 2 pieces with a 14″ length.
The front wall will need 2 pieces of lumber measuring 2×4 and 41″ long, another 2 pieces of the same size but with 72″ length, 2 pieces of 38″ in length, 2 pieces of 18 1/2″ length, and 2 pieces of 36 1/2″ length.
Roofing materials
Hinges and a latch
You will also need

4d and 16 d nails
A piece of 3/4″ plywood of 4’x8′
34 pieces of lumber 2×4 with a length of 6′
4 pieces of lumber 2×4 and 8′ long
1 5/8″ screws 2 1/2″ screws, 3 1/2″ screws,
wood glue, stain/paint/ wood filler ,
Tip: Plan for one day to do complete this project.

This guide is divided into five steps namely; the floor, walls, the door, roofing structure, assembling and painting.

The Floor
In this first step, you will lay down the floor of your stand. Begin by cutting and assembling the materials you will need for the floor. Using your tape measure, take accurate measurements and cut them from the 2×4 lumber.

Ensure that the corners are square and also align the edges. Drill holes through the joists, place them in a perpendicular position and insert your screws.

Once you have the frame, place the 3/4″ plywood on the frame, align the edges and on them together using the 5/8″ screws. Insert a screw every 7″ evenly throughout the frame.

The Floor

The Walls
After completing the floor, put together all materials required for the walls. You will need to build the wall frames first using the 2×4 lumber. Again, take the correct measurements cut your lumber and lay them on a flat surface.

Make pilot holes through and insert 31/24″ screws. Ensure that you frame the window openings since you will be cutting them out at the end.

It is important to make align your materials properly for a neat finish. Repeat the procedure here such that you have two side walls.

The Side Walls

The Front Wall
You will also use the 2×4 lumber to make the front wall. After making the frame, drill pilot holes through your plates.

Tight them together using 3 1/2″ screws as well and with corners and edges held right in place.

the frontal wall

The Door
The front wall will require further attention as you will be making a door there.

First build a door frame, add a well-fitting plywood and lock them together suing screws. Secure the panel into the right place using nails.

The Door

Fit the door in its place and adjust as needed. Once settled, secure the door with hinges and double check that it opens and closes fine. Then add the latch and close the door.

The Back Wall
You will repeat the procedure for making the front wall to obtain the back wall.

Now that you have the floor, and the four walls complete, it is time to assemble them. Begin by fitting the wall frames to the floor of the structure. Plumb the walls using a spirit level.

After drilling pilot holes through the bottom plates, insert 3 1/2″ screws such that the wall frames are fitted tightly to the floor. Also lock adjacent walls using 3 1/2″ screws to create a single, firm structure as the one shown below.


Remember to cut out window opening accurately along the frame structure. You should have a structure like the one above.

The Roof
Once assembled, you will need to add the roofing structure that your chose. First place the rafters and screws hold them together with screws such that they are held tightly in place.

Add your roof and screw it to the deer blind tightly. Ensure that once side if the deer blind is slanted to allow water runoff.

Once the structure is complete, fill all holes and smooth the surface in preparation for panting.

Camouflaging The Deer Stand
Give your deer blind a final finish with several coats of panting. You are free to choose the color or combination of colors that you like. However, focus on camouflaging your deer stand as opposed to exposing it. Painting is also important as it offers a protective coat for your structure. You can check it from time to time for necessary repairs.

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