How to Disinfect Used Furniture

With the current tough economic times, purchasing pre-owned furniture at thrift shops or garage sales is an excellent way to make some savings. However, there is always a catch. Is there any guarantee that the pre-used item that you have purchased is free from bugs or any peculiar tints? Could it be that this dirt or bug infestation could be the reason why the former owner disposed of the furniture? Nonetheless, it should not be a reason for you to worry, because we are going to give you a step by step guide on how to effectively disinfect used furniture that you acquire in your next shopping expenditure.refurbish furniture

Often, the furniture is aired outside to utilize natural light in killing bacteria. Other home remedies include using baking soda to eliminate any unwanted odors. However, in cases where there are tough stains or stubborn odors, disinfectants such as enzyme cleaners can do a great job in this case. Once everything has been said and done, the final piece of the puzzle that remains is finding effective ways of cleaning the disinfected furniture. It is essential as it helps to get rid of the residual odor that remains on the furniture.

Steps on How to Clean and Disinfected Used Furniture

Cleaning furniture which has been disinfected is done in two stages, which are getting rid of the odor from the disinfectant and stain removal.

Getting Lid of Odor

First, you should take the piece to the lawn on a sunny day for it to be sun-dried. Airing the equipment helps to speed up the evaporation of the disinfectant since the wood absorbs most of it. With time, you will realize that the odor will decrease. That is because the odor is usually the evaporated fumes of the disinfectant.

Air Drying

Air drying can help a great deal especially if you live in a region with a warm climate. Taking your newly owned furniture during winter would be absurd. That does not mean that all hope is lost. Should you be disadvantaged regarding climate, a viable alternative would be to blow the disinfected furniture with a fan. Primarily, it will help to speed up the drying process, which can take up to 48 hours.

Once you are satisfied that your furniture is dry, you will realize that the odor will have faded, though not entirely. Due to the sheer the fact that the reason for purchasing the second-hand furniture could have been to cut on cost: It is only logical that home remedies are used to finish the process you have already started.

Water-Vinegar Solutions

You can use either a water-vinegar solution or dissolve fresh baking soda in water- whichever is convenient. To your solution, you can add a good portion of powder soap while stirring until it foams. Using a damp rag or sponge, you then wipe the furniture in a circular motion, ensuring that all parts are cleaned. It is worth noting that wearing gloves may be beneficial, especially if you care about protecting your hand. But from experience, that should not be a reason to worry.

Getting Lid of Odor

Recently, several people have been adopting the use of silica gel. You will have to dissolve in the water-vinegar or baking soda solution. Since it is used as a commercial odor absorbent, it is safe to assume that it will improve the results. By the time you will have completed cleaning the furniture, you will realize that the odor will have significantly reduced, if not completely gone. It is advisable at this point to air dry it in the shade since it will create more time for the solution to act on any lingering smell.

Stain Removal

At this point, your furniture is pretty much ready for use; except for stains which may have resulted from the application of the disinfectant. Getting rid of this stains depend on whether you plan on using the furniture as natural wood or whether you may want to paint it. For the former case, your options will be limited since most alternatives will cause discoloration on the face of the wood. On the other hand, if you prefer the latter, well, there is good news for you.


  • Use sandpaper to scrape off the stained areas, and then seal it with water-based

Chalk Paint

  • Apply chalk paint, and seal with wax. Chalk paint is advantageous as they can be used both as scent blocker and stain concealer. Adding wax makes the piece of furniture to shine.Stain Removal

In case you cannot access both the water-based or chalk paint, you can opt to purchase a stain blocking primer. Often it is applied on areas whose odor is tough to get rid of, and more so the unexposed areas. These could be the inner surfaces of cabinets or even the underside of seats. It has an added advantage since it will seal the surface completely and thereby, prevent odor from being released.


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