Carport Designs and Plans That You Can Build in Just a Day

A carport is an inexpensive option when you are looking for space to keep your car. The affordability of a carport is what makes it more preferable than building a garage. A carport will help you save on maintenance costs of the car as you won’t have to get a new paint job too soon. The best DIY carport design will keep your car safe from the bleaching effects of the sun and damage from other harsh weather conditions.

It is also worth mentioning that a carport will be a great addition for your property. Like any other structure, it can be made to be basic and simple or fancy and lavish depending on the budget and the preferences of the owner. Here are some of the simple carport designs that can be built in a day with prior planning.

DIY Carport Design

A Simple Wooden Carport Design

This simple carport design is completely made of wood except the roof. It can only hold one car but can be extended to allow room for more cars to park.

This plan can be built in a day if you have more than one person working on it. It is also inexpensive since it only uses wood and roofing sheets.

With this plan, you can decide to add a concrete floor later on or to use crushed asphalt instead. The simplicity of it allows you to modify it as you see fit. This wooden carport is a great choice if you need a carport urgently and cheaply.

A Simple Wooden Carport

A Shipping Container Carport with Storage

In the recent time, shipping containers are being turned into beautiful and functional spaces. This carport design is a great way to reuse a shipping container. The whole project is quite affordable and can be done in a very short amount of time once you have planned in advance and bought your shipping container.

The rest of this carport is made of a metallic frame and a roofing sheets which makes it strong and durable. If you feel inspired and want to build one you can find the plans and photographs quite easily.

The carport can be made bigger by adding the metal frame and roof on 3 of the four sides of the shipping container. For the floor you can use crushed asphalt at first and add a concrete floor later.

You can use the inside of the container as storage space or as a shed for your tools.

A Shipping Container Carport with Storage

The Wooden Detached Carport

This carport is a bit similar to the simple wood carport design mentioned earlier.  It mostly uses wood as the main building material.

The design is simple and you can take it up as a DIY project. You can also built it in a day if you get source some help. With this carport, you can park a couple of cars, and it can be expanded to fit more cars.

You can also modify this design to add a store on one side, to store other items and tools. It would be a nice addition to your property thanks to its simple, functional, yet elegant look.

This design will look great even beside your house or in the backyard.

The Wooden Detached Carport

A Solar Carport Design

This is a creative and innovative way to build your carport. The carport has solar panels covering the whole roof. You can adjust this design to make it bigger or look for pictures and plans for a bigger solar carport. This type of carport will help you to be more self-sufficient when it comes to power since you will be tapping the solar power.

It is also very helpful if you have an electric car since the solar power will make it cheaper to maintain your car in the long haul.

A Solar Carport Design

The Lean-to Attached Carport

This carport design is simple and easy to build,which makes it a perfect DIY project. It is called a lean-to attached carport because it leans on to the side of a building and is attached to it. This kind of a carport saves on space and building materials making it cheaper to build.

You can adjust the size of this carport, but the maximum size will be the size of the side of the building it is leaning on.

With prior planning and preparation such as looking for building materials and identifying the building site, you can build this carport in a day. However, you might want to find someone help you. Depending on your preferential design, you can be sure that you cannot go wrong with the designed shown in the photograph below.

Lean-to Attached Carport

An RV Carport Design

A carport for an RV has to be taller and wider than the average carport for a single car.

This carport can look intimidating due to its height, but it is actually quite easy to build. This design is quite elegant and full of decorative detail, especially on the pillars.

It also has storage space which you can use as a shed for your tools and storage for your lawnmower if you have one.  You can find the plan for this carport online if you want to build it.  You also have the option to customize it to fit your needs.

An RV Carport Design

The main purpose of a carport is to protect your car from harsh weather conditions. Some of these DIY carport designs are simple which allows you to put them up fast .

DIY Carport

Although this is understandable, you should not neglect to add a floor or a suitable material for the floor. You can use materials such as asphalt, to avoid mud during the rainy days. You can also consider upgrading your simple carport by adding features such as a store, concrete floor, and aesthetic details.


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