Easy DIY Chicken Feeders That Will Prevent Wastage

Feeding chickens can make your yard messy and it is essential to find the best way to feed them. This can be achieved by using DIY chicken feeders. More so, it will not only help keep the compound clean but will also cut of cost as it will reduce wastage of the food. The following are some ideas of chicken feeders you can incorporate.

do it your self chicken feeders

Wooden Chicken Feeders

This is one of simplest and cost-effective DIY chicken feeder.

You only need wood cutting and excellent assembling skills. Use plywood since it is resilient to bacteria and other fungi.

To assemble the plywood you can use either nails or glue. To ensure there will be no wastage, make a feeder that is larger than you need so that you won’t worry about tipping the food over.

This way, you will only be putting food twice a day.

Wooden Chicken Feeders


Simple PVC Feeder

With an old PVC pipe and 90 degrees elbow, you can create a simple yet effective feeder for your chicken.

It has a “T” shaped, and it can be used for both watering and feeding.

You will take 5 pipes and cut them into two “3” long pieces. Put PVC cement in one side hole and place “3” extensive pipe. Use adhesive to fix the top of “T” pipe.

Turn the cap upside down and cut four holes in the side of the lid. When feeding, fill the tube with your right chicken feed and put the cap on top. Remember not to force the since you will have to get it off when you need to refill.

Simple PVC Feeder


Bucket Feeder and Waterer

If you are on a tight budget, this is one of the best chicken feeder ideas you can implement.

Take a bucket that has a lid and a metallic handle so that it can hold up the weight.

Drill some holes on the bottom of the bucket and put it on the oil pan. Close the lid to retain the chicken from perching up.

With metallic handle bucket, you can hang up the feeder. Hanging will also protect the food from debris making them healthier for the chickens.

Bucket Feeding


PVC Waterer

If you have a PVC bucket that you are not using, do not throw it away as you can make it make a perfect poultry waterer.

You only need a pan that will be used as a direct source of drinking water. Making PVC waterer is very easy, take the pan, make some holes on the lid, fill some water on the bucket, and position it on the pan upside down.

If you are lucky to have 5-gallon water bucket, it will get your chickens through the day.

PVC Waterer


Bucket Feeder

This is a perfect solution if you do not want your yard to be messy. Get a 70mm PVC elbows and a medium sized bucket.

If you want a bigger feeder use 6 PVC elbow and 20l bucket. Some of the tools you will need include hot glue and rivet gun, drill, 70mm Hole Saw, ruler, maker and a knife.

Also remember to get some silicone and hot glue, few rivets, and a transparent plastic sheet. Drill two holes on the bucket and use glue to attach the elbow.

Bucket Feeder


Upward Facing Tube

This is a long tube that is filled with feed. The length and the angle of the feeding tube avert the chickens from spilling the food.

Typically, you will only shove the tubes together, no need to glue them.

During the day, keep the feeder outside and during the night take it inside the coop to avert raccoons and other critters from getting in.

The cap will protect it from vermin and rain.

Upward Facing Tube


Chicken Nipple Watering System

This DIY watering system will keep bacteria and dirt from getting to the water and you will only have to refill like once a week through it will  depend on the number of chicken you have.

Besides, with five nipples in place, you will keep roughly 20 of your chicken well hydrated. You will only need 3 or 5-gallon plastic bucket with lid and drill like five holes at the bottom.

Get rid of any excess plastic residue, take some grommets and dip them in the water as you carefully push them through the holes you made.

Take your chicken nipple and with the help of a plier, push them through the grommet holes. To test whether water will come out, put in some water and push on the droplets and check whether the water will come out.

Chicken Nipple Watering System


PVC and Soda Bottle Waterer

This is a simple and very affordable DIY chicken water system.

You will not have to purchase anything if you have specific materials in your home.  Take PVC cap and screw on one end a Y fitting, make two holes in the lid using a nail and a hammer.

Fill the bottle sold with some water, bolt its cap on and then turn it upside down to the other hole of PVC Y fitting.

Water will start dripping, and your chicken will just put their heads inside to get access to the water.

PVC and Soda Bottle Waterer


Vinegar Jug Chicken Feeder

To make a chicken feeder, you will need bottom part of a food container, empty vinegar jug, chain from a light fixture that is no longer in use. You will also use require a drill, bolts, and screws for holding the jug and plate together and a pair of pliers to pull the chain links apart.

Take the vinegar jug, and cut 3inch holes at the bottom where the food will be spilling into the food container.

Cut off the top of the jug and drill it into the bottom of the dish. Drill some holes at the jug’s top where the chain will pass through.

Fill up the jug with foodstuff and hung it in your chicken coop.

Vinegar Jug Chicken Feeder


Chicks Feeder

For small chicks, since they cannot feed together with big sized chicken, you can make for them a small sized chick’s feeder.

Make use of a small plastic container that you already have in your home.

However, choose a container that you feel it will be enough for your chicks that they can feed on throughout the day. Cut some holes at the lower side of your container as shown below.

Center it in the middle of a slightly larger lid, put some glues so that it can stick, let it dry up before filling it with your feeding.

Chicks Feeder               Chicks Waterer


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