DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Ideas

You want to have a beautiful yet affordable coop for your chicken? Everybody wants the same too! Building a chicken coop is easy, and you only need a few materials. With basic woodworking skills, it will just take a day or two. This is an excellent activity to undertake during weekends. The materials required are readily available, and you can also recycle the wood pieces you no longer use such as pallets. However, there are factors to consider when building a pallet chicken coop certain factors that you should consider. These include:

  • Location

Choose an area that is dry and with a good drainage. Avoid wet areas because birds can easily get infections from such areas. Choosing a site that is easily accessible is also important.

  • The Size of the Coop

This is an essential point to consider. You don’t want your birds to start picking on each other. The minimum space should be 3 square foot per chicken.
Before setting up your coop, first study the area so that you can understand the position of the sun during different hours of the day.

Chicken Coop

Other factors like predators, ventilation, easy to clean and having a door that will allow you to get inside the coop easily should also be considered.

Buying wood to build a coop can be a costly option. This is the reason why we’ve come up with perfect ideas to use pallets when building a coop to relieve you of the cost of wood. Below are some easy ideas on pallets coop you might want to consider when setting up one.

Rustic Pallet Chicken Coop

Rustic Pallet Chicken Coop

A rustic coop is suitable for those poultry farmers who live in areas with many predators. This coop will protect your chicken from wild cats, hawks, eagles owls and raccoons.

If you reside in an area where these predators are a bother, consider building a rustic coop for your birds. Please note that it is advisable to raise the coop off the ground for the safety of your birds and also to provide shade for your birds in sunny afternoons.

Walk-In Pallet Chicken Coop

Walk-In Pallet Chicken Coop

As the name suggests, this coop is big enough for you to walk in without hurting your head. Rearing chicken is addictive and also fun.

When you want to add more birds, this coop makes it easier because of the ample space. Some of the advantages of this coop include: it is easy to clean, offers good ventilation to your chicken and allows sunlight.

Mobile Pallet Home Coop

Mobile Pallet Home Coop

This coop can be carried around easily and is suitable whenever you need to shift the location of the birds frequently. It is built using old pallets, making it easy to build and cheap.

One part is designed in a way that it’s raised off the ground to provide security for the birds and also allow them to scratch. It also where the birds sleep during the night.

Large Pallet Chicken Coop

If you are planning to keep a large number of birds, this is the best choice. Its large size also allows your chicken to play comfortably.

It also accommodates a more significant number of birds compared to other coops. You will require more materials to build it, and it might also take a long time building.

Small and Simple Pallet Chicken Coop

Simple and Small Coop

This coop has no specific design. It’s small but has adequate space for the chicken. It is mainly for the small-scale poultry farmers.

Most of these coops are built without a plan, and some farmers construct them with small windows. They only open these windows when they want to let air in during the day.

You can add other additional features that you feel will make your birds more comfortable. However, make sure you don’t end up with a coop that is hard to clean.

The roof shouldn’t be too low because it will make it difficult for you to place in the nests at the right place.

Elevated Pallet Coop

Elevated Chicken Coop

This coop is built high of the ground making it easier to clean and also pick your eggs. The height is perfect both for you and the chicken. The elevated coop protects the birds from floods and damp conditions. It also easier to clean.

Sleek and Modern Chicken Coop

Modern Chicken Coop

If you are that kind of a person who likes a touch of style, then this is definitely a design you can implement. It will provide not only shelter but also comfort and security for your chickens.

The materials are just as similar as those used to build other coops. This coop is easy to clean and have enough room for your chicken.

When building any coop, always keep in mind that the area should have perfect drainage.


A-Frame Chicken Pallet Coop

A-Frame Chicken Coop

The A-frame chicken coop is designed in a way that its shape looks like letter A. You want to create a little fairy tale for your birds then you can never go wrong with this style. However, this coop is not meant for large scale poultry farmers because the coop cannot hold a large number of chickens. You can be a little more creative and paint the door.
Drinker and feeders

Having discussed the different kinds of chicken pallet coops, it’s good if you put the ideas into practice. After building the coop, you will also need to get the furniture your birds will need inside the coop.

These too, are things you can get easily and are not expensive. All you need is to set up a nest and a roosting perch. When doing so please ensure that it is at the darkest part of the coop. You will also need to put in feeders and drinkers.

Most importantly, remember to disinfect your coop before putting your birds in it.

Always ensure that the feeders and drinkers are cleaned regularly to avoid contamination and infections. A clean coop equals happy, healthy birds.

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