FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener Review

The Diamond Cross FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener is a simple, compact device that allows you to sharpen your knives at 90 degree angles in almost any setting. Its rare earth magnets and comfortable grip also makes it a good alternative to more conventional knife sharpeners out there, while its ergonomic design keeps it safe and secure. So if you’re interested in buying the Knife Sharpener then here’s what you should know.

Diamond Cross Knife Sharpener


The Diamond Cross FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener offers several interesting features. First among these is the item’s design, which ensures a consistent sharpening angle. This prevents users from sharpening their knives incorrectly, thus making them blunt or worse.

A special diamond cross diamond stone also allows the Knife Sharpener to sharpen even the dullest of knives, while 3 rare earth magnets and stainless steel fixings will keep the knife secure, at the right angle whenever you draw it out. The item’s ergonomic design also allows you to hold the Knife Sharpener safely and securely.

Finally, the FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener also has quick change options for those situations where the diamond stones need to be replaced.


The FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener offers several benefits. Foremost among these is that it’s easy to use. Its simple handle allows you to use it, and its built-in magnets keep the knife the secure, as you draw your knives across.

The Knife Sharpener is also easy to get used to. Not only does it have a user-friendly design, it also allows users to use different knife sharpening techniques. So it’s not the kind of blade sharpener that requires you to use it in a specific way.

The easiest technique is to simply insert the knife into the Knife Sharpener and then draw it through in sets of three. Another technique is the Worktop technique, which involves putting the Knife Sharpener on a flat surface and then drawing the knife across.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener can be used on chef knives, serrated knives, boning knives and most types of kitchen knives, so it’s compatible with most types of blades found in the average home.


The FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener has two disadvantages. The first problem is that it does not seem to be compatible with short and exotic knives. So you may want to buy a different sharpener for those if you have them.

The second problem with the Knife Sharpener is that it can feel awkward for people who are used to sharpening their knives in a certain way. Sharpening knives at a 90 degree angle is easy, but some people may not like it.


All in all, the FASTTRACK Knife Sharpener is a fairly decent item to have in the house or at a campsite. Not only is it safe and easy to use, its rare earth magnets feel great as well.

The Knife Sharpener is also relatively durable as long as you keep it in a safe location. It doesn’t have any other special features, but it is a handy and dependable item to have around.

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