Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Hand painted wine glasses are easy to craft and will transform your kitchen or home décor with amazing glamour. If you love art, this can be an incredible way to pass time as well as have fun with friends while painting. The only hard part with painting is deciding which design to use, but you can always come up with a design depending on the event or what inspires you. There are also numerous designs you can get from the internet and we have come up with a list of 10 best ideas you can pick up.

Birthday Queen Purple and Gold- Queening All the Way

Wondering what birthday gift to give your girlfriend or any lady friend? This glass would make the perfect gift especially if she loves her wine. The fact that it is hand painted makes it unique and it comes in royal colors of purple and gold. The shiny rhinestones add to the beauty and classy design of this particular glass. Elegance and glamour is what you can describe it and the best part is that you can place it on the display to act as décor after use. It is large enough to be used for other drinks other than just wine.


“A Sister is a Friend Forever” Hand-Painted Wine Glass

If you are looking for a gift for your sister, this hand painted wine glass is perfect, as it is a thoughtful way of appreciating how special she is. It comes artfully painted with different colors; and can be a gift for any occasion be it Christmas, her birthday or a graduation. Your sister can use this glass for her favorite drink thanks to its shape and size. It’s beautiful and artistic design allows you to use for display or part of any decoration.


Lolita Bride, Dress Pattern- Suits Any Occassion

Attending a friend’s wedding or engagement party? This Lolita dress pattern hand painted wine glass is a lovely gift item to give your friend on either of the occasions. Each glass is hand painted which allows you to retain the design but change the color depending on the theme of the wedding or engagement party. Thanks to the artistic painting on the glass it can be displayed and also used to sip your favorite wine or cocktail. To add to its uniqueness each glass comes with different cocktail recipe beneath the base. The detail on the glass is done with glitter and is therefore for hand washing only.


70th Birthday, Purple -7th Floor Couldn’t Get Any Better

This hand painted glass will make the loveliest birthday gift for a lady’s 70th birthday. If you are looking for sophisticated elegance, this is it. The regal colors on this glass give it a classy look. The shiny purple designs add beauty to this piece of art. When you aren’t drinking from it, you can display it in your home as a decoration for your dining area. All the meticulously applied details make the glass unique. For maintenance, wash it by hand.


Hot Pink Stripe and Black Polka- “Rough Day Don’t Ask”

Perfect, is the word that best describes this wine glass. It isn’t just beautiful but it also comes with fill lines for the different moods you may be in at the end of your day as you relax with a glass of your favorite wine or cocktail. This would be a perfect gift for your hard working wine loving friend. Its incredible design makes each glass unique and artistic. So you can display it at the bar in your home.


Lolita Love Wine Hand Painted Glass

This unique wine glass is artisan blown and hand painted which makes each one of these beautiful works of art different. To add to its beauty, each glass has small crystals hand installed into it to give it a glittery finish. You can give this lovely piece of functional art as a gift for any occasion or just buy it to sip your favorite drink. Each of these glasses comes with a unique cocktail recipe on the base of the glass. Always hand wash it.


Lolita Teacher’s Time Out- Lecture is Over, How about Some Wine?

This customized, hand painted wine glass would be a wonderful gift for a teacher. The message painted on it encourages the teacher to relax and enjoy their favorite drink. You can give it as a gift for any occasion such as Christmas and birthdays. Since its hand painted, each glass can come in a color of your choice. The recipient of the gift will enjoy the unique cocktail recipe at the bottom of the glass. To maintain its beauty, don’t use a dish washer.


Nurse Calls the Shots- And Also Takes Some Shots of Wine!

Your nurse friend would enjoy receiving this hand painted glass as a gift for their birthday, graduation or even Christmas. This glass is sure to put any nurse in a good mood as it also comes with an additional small glass . Each of these glasses is unique as they have been carefully hand painted and embellished for your use. You can sip any drink of your choice from this glass all thanks to its lovely shape and size.


Kosta Boda Tattoo Hand Painted Wine Glasses Pair

These wine glasses come in a pair, yet each of them is unique but similar. All the intricate details and painting on these glasses was done by hand to make each of them special. If you are in such for a gift, these would be perfect as they aren’t just functional wine glasses, but pieces of art as well. So when you aren’t using them to sip your favorite wine or cocktail, you can put them on display in your home. Hand washing is recommended.


“Grandma Is Fabulous” – She Will Love Her Cocktail in This

Does your grandma love wine or art, if she does this would be the perfect gift for her. Since it is hand painted, it is unique and has been designed and created meticulously making it all the more special. So no matter the occasion whether Christmas or birthday this glass is bound to put a smile on her face. This glass can be used for the drink of your choice thanks to its shape and size.  Hand washing is recommended.



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