Space Themed Bedroom Ideas

 The fascination of stars, moon, and space artifacts occur to children who are aged between 5 years although it may differ from one kid to another. Space-themed decors are versatile and create a serene ambiance. Your little one will be excited by the decoration and is a perfect way to trigger their imagination as well as develop an early fascination with science and technology. This is not one of the decors that you have to change as soon as the children get to teenage since the theme can still be used in their rooms as well as in yours.  Not unless your child develop an interest in something else, you can still retain the decoration.

The best thing about space themed decorations is that you don’t have to change the furniture in the room as it easily blends in even with light wood furniture. When arranging to decorate the room, you have to start by purchasing all the required instruments. This include: planets, stars, spaceships, and any other patterns linked to space such as robots.

You can also choose to paint and draw space shapes and planets on the walls or ceiling. But if you are not good at painting, or don’t have the time you can still purchase sticker planets or buy mural wallpapers. The reason why some people prefer using wallpapers instead of painting is because wallpapers are replaceable and do not damage the wall. Especially since children love making drawings on the walls which end up destroying the decorations.

Modern Space Themed Bedroom

Transform your boy’s bedroom using the modern space themed decoration which is bold and cool. It is a replica of a half exposed planted with striking astronauts from the black outer space, and even better, these visuals are in 3D which makes the bedroom ambiance even cooler. Your son will love the composed colors, and it will be an added advantage if he is interested in space science.

Bold Space Themed Bedroom

This mural has incredible details that will make your son feel like he is already out of this continent. It features robots, as well as other artificial intelligent features, which are what makes the theme vibrant and magnificent. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about the furniture and the décor to complement it since it will fit perfectly any light wooden furniture. It is not only inspiring, but it also creates a picky atmosphere.  Matching bed sheets will come in handy.

The After Noon Sky

Bring the galaxy to your bedroom with this bright space themed bedroom which is dominated by a deep-blue color which brightens the room, and the white colors add to the incredible ambiance. The atmosphere brightens up the more during the day, and your child will love playing and inviting his friends to the room. It also has perfectly designed space art on the walls which complement the already dazzling ceiling. Including similarly themed bedding will add to the liveliness.

Starry Night Themed Bedroom

Are you looking for a theme that can be used for both girls and boy’s room, then this theme is perfect for you and the best part about it is that your child will hardly outgrow it and it can still remain even when they are teenagers. It is bright during the day, and at night the stars will shine brighter in this room and the ceiling will look like a star constellation.

Artificial Solar System

If you are looking to decorate your child’s room using this theme, you will require to buy various space loads such as the stars, planets, robots, spaceships, and anything that you think will suit the decor.

The best thing about this theme is that you can give your child a chance to choose which space components he/she would like. There are many places that sell these decoration and you will be spoilt of choice.

From the photo above, you can choose to buy hanging light bulbs that will engross the bulbs with planetary bodies. The lighting will be perfect and will create a realistic outer space atmosphere.

If you are worried that your child will destroy the bulbs as they play, you can opt to decorate their bookcase or closet with similar themes.

Bright and Modern Space-Themed Mural

If you are good at painting, you can always choose your preferred paint depending on whether it’s a girl’s or boy’s room. However, for those of finds it hard to paint perfectly, you can always use a space-themed wallpaper.

The best thing about using these wallpapers is that you can easily change them and does not consume as much time as painting. You can get a wallpaper both for the ceiling and for the walls. To boost the décor, you can buy some additional moon and star ornaments that glow in the dark.

You can make the best out of this theme by including bedding or carpets with space-themed prints. It would be better if you let your child accompany you when choosing the wallpaper so that they can choose their favorite.

A trip to the Outer Space

This space themed decoration will remind your son of the mission of the first man to land on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Both the decoration and the bedding are outer space inspired and every night he will feel like that he is already part of the mission.

The bedding make the room lively, and you can complement the atmosphere by including glow in the dark ornaments such as stars and moon. You can also add a carpet or curtain with the same theme, but this is optional since the brown surface breaks the monotony.

Kissed by the Moon

Looking for a theme that is not only suitable for your kid but also for the teenagers? This would make a perfect choice. You can also use it in your bedroom if you outer space nature. The moon mural wallpaper brings life in the bedroom and just like in the picture above, you can boost the décor by including bedding with a rhyming theme. In this case, the black and white colors will definitely create a peaceful environment, and you can be sure of a good night sleep with the moon watching over you.

The white bedding may not be favorable for your boy’s room, and you may consider choosing another color that you feel will match the mural. But still, this is optional.


Bright Solar System

This is a lively and fun space themed decoration that you can use both for your daughter or son bedroom. It is an imitation of the planet, and you will need to have incredible painting skills to pull this through. You will also need to add other ornaments such as the hanging bulbs with the planet engulfment. Add some LED stars and moon to grow during the night.

During the day, this bedroom will have an energetic atmosphere which turns into a magnificent ambiance during the night. You can also add other wall decors to complement the look and using space themed bedding will definitely come in handy.

Lost into Space

The sketches and decorations of this space-theme create an incredible environment and are simple to create. Drafting them with your children will create a great bonding time. To increase the illumination during the night, add some glowing ornaments such as stars. Add to the theme by include bedding with similar space touch.

If you don’t have time for painting or you not good at it, you can opt to buy a similar mural which are available in different colors. The blue theme, however, is suitable for a boy’s room.

Ready to Launch to Mars

The decor of this stunning space themed bedroom makes it suitable for your daughter’s room. If your girl is an outer space fanatic, then this will be the best decoration for her room. The bright colors will brighten up the room and create a vibrant ambiance.

You can decorate the planets hanging from the ceiling with bright colors or use bright LED colors. Decorate the ceiling with grow-in-the-dark stars. The spaceship model as shown in the picture above is a compliment of the décor, and you can opt to use it purposely for decoration, or used it as a store for her valuables and where else is better to hide her precious stuff other than in her spaceship?

Vintage Space Themed

This carton space themed mural will transform your kid’s bedroom adding to the distinctive atmosphere. It will introduce your child to the adventures of outer space with the images of planets, moon, aliens, flying saucers and rocket ships.

The bright painting fits perfectly with the blue space inspired bedding and it is an easy to pull through décor and saves you from the hustle of painting.

You can also decide to add colorful grow in the dark stars and moons on the ceiling to boost the entire décor and to light up the room when lights go off.

A Night with the Universe

The Blue theme suits a boy’s room, and this decor have everything perfectly figured out. The theme fits with the wood furniture, and the carpet is part of the universal theme in this room. The space themed mural features robots, spaceships, planets, the moon, and the sun. The curtains, as well as the bedding, have similar decorations, and it’s amazing how everything in this room compliments each other.

Final Verdict

Space-themed bedrooms are mostly designed for boys, but there are those with bright colors that can be used in a girl’s room. Just like pink is associated with girls and blue with boys, most of the space decor is blue which is the reason why most of the themes discussed above are recommended for use in your son’s room.

When you decide to implement this decor, you have two options. 1) Personally paint the room or 2) buy space-themed murals and ornaments.

If you choose to paint, the above are some of the space-themed inspired decoration designs you can copy. The second option of buying murals and ornaments to supplement the painting which is also effective since it save you time and can be easily changed. Whichever choice you settle for, you and your child will be amazed by the transformation of the decorations.



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